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Gianni Versace nailed the importance and allure of fragrance. “Perfume puts the finishing touch to elegance – a detail that subtly underscores the look, an invisible extra that completes a woman’s personality. Without it there is something missing.” -There is indeed.

Fragrance is a powerful communicator, too, and not only helps us to attract others, but also adds to their perceptions of us.

It’s hard to claim to be shy and retiring when you’re wearing a seductive perfume like Lanc?me’s Hypn?se. Or appeal to a man’s baser instincts while wearing a version of granny’s flower water. Yet selecting the right perfume isn’t the easy task it once was.

These days, hundreds of scents are released every year and only a fragrance expert has a ghost of a chance of keeping track of them all.
So here’s an in-depth guide to choosing and wearing fragrance – well.

How to Find the Perfect Perfume

The two biggest groups of fragrance buyers are women aged 18-24 and the over-40s, who are dubbed “women of style” by the perfume industry. Age aside, there are a lot of similarities.

Most women fall into one of four major categories when it comes to selecting fragrance – so let’s look at which suit each of them best.

The Romantic
She’s a big fan of anything that brings a tear to her eye, from chick flicks to “big” ballads. She loves floaty fabrics and you’ll never see her wearing anything that could be described as severe. Thierry Mugler’s Angel (1) tops the rankings as the most feminine of fragrances – a powerful combo of vanilla, chocolate, patchouli, sandalwood and caramel ($115 for 50ml). A great introduction is the new Les Parfums Corps Mini Discovery Collection – $48 for five trial-size products: Perfuming Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Body Cream, Hand Cream and Angel Eau de Parfum. Or tick all the boxes with Estée Lauder Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia, a sumptuous floral that leaves an unforgettable “trail” ($130 for 30ml).

The Fashionista
She might claim that she’s cutting back in these tougher economic times, but this achingly hip chick always wears designer jeans. Give her Emporio Armani Diamonds Intense (2) ($85 for 30ml), Yves Saint Laurent elle Intense Eau de Parfum, with tantalising base notes of patchouli and amber lightened by lychee, raspberry, jasmine and iris ($125 for 50ml), or Karl Lagerfeld’s Kapsule Collection – a trio of fragrances simply called Light, Floriental and Woody (all from $70 for 30ml).
The Sporty Type
You will never catch her wearing anything that has even a hint of a frill: her clothes are practical and elegant. Her all-time favourite fragrance is?Clarins Eau Dynamisante, the first aromatherapy-style fragrance to hit the mainstream market, and as fresh as it is exhilarating. One of the best recent releases in the aromatherapeutic category is Biotherm Eau Body Mists-. Eau Pure contains green tea, kiwifruit and lime to purify and invigorate. Eau d’Energie recharges with the freshness of oranges, lemons and mandarins, and Eau Vitaminée (3) perks up your sense of wellbeing with grapefruit and lemon (all $68 for 100ml).
The Traditionalist
This lady knows her fragrances and can probably wax lyrical about famous perfumers and signature notes. Don’t even think of buying her a recently released scent. Even a perfume from the 1990s isn’t vintage enough unless it’s an undisputed instant classic such as Dior J’adore. To surprise her, choose an update on a time-honoured favourite, such as Chanel No. 5 Eau Première ($180 for 75ml). A more discreet version of Chanel No. 5, it sparkles with new top notes including ylang-ylang of Comores, and woody notes such as bourbon vetiver and vanilla. A new classic for a new generation.

Love Potions – Scents and Seduction

One whiff of a woman’s fragrance can grab a man’s attention and hold it. So if you spritz a fragrance that doubles as a love potion, he’ll be keen to see you again and again.

Flirty Florals
Study after study has shown floral scents help men remember things in a positive light. To establish a love connection try: Estée Lauder Sensuous (4), which melds magnolia, jasmine and ghost lily with black pepper (from $80 for 30ml). Or Vera Wang Bouquet (5), a lush blend of Sicilian bergamot, paperwhite narcissus, honeysuckle, Moroccan cedar and white iris root ($130 for 50ml).

Sexy Scents
One thing could lead to another more quickly when you wear a fragrance that includes warm notes such as jasmine and patchouli. If you’re really serious about being a temptress, choose a perfume containing amber – Casanova wore ambergris, an aromatic aphrodisiac derived from whales. Today, though, a synthetic version is widely used. Try Calvin Klein Secret Obsession (6), which builds on the come-on of burnt amber with exotic plum, Egyptian jasmine, tuberose and Madagascan vanilla (from $70 for 30ml).

Foxy Fruits
Citrus perfumes are energising. If the male you have in mind is uncomplicated and enterprising, he’ll gravitate to your orbit because he likes to wear fresh scents, too. Keep him close with Marc Jacobs Daisy eau de parfum, which is fresh with ruby grapefruit and wild strawberry, and potent with jasmine, violet, gardenia and musk ($110 for 50ml). Or Viva La Juicy (7). From fashion label Juicy Couture, this is a combo of juicy mandarin, wild berries, honeysuckle, jasmine, gardenia, amber, caramel and chocolate (from $95 for 50ml).
Cuddle Time
If you want to put the spark back into a long-term relationship, you’ll have him nuzzling your neck again with fragrances that contain the warm and inviting scents of vanilla and chocolate. Go for Ralph Lauren Notorious (8), a spicy oriental that claims to channel movie icons Ingrid Bergman and Faye Dunaway. It mixes chocolate with white-frost peonies, vanilla and patchouli musk (from $90 for 30ml). Or Lanc?me Magnifique (9), an enticing concoction of Bulgarian rose, rose de mai, sambac jasmine, saffron, nagarmota wood and sandalwood ($129 for 50ml).

Fragrance – A User’s Guide

? Fragrances are composed of three different notes. The top note – the one you smell as soon as you spray – is the perfume equivalent of a first impression. The middle or heart note comes through after 10-15 minutes, followed by the base notes, which are usually warm, musky or woody. It is the strength of the base note that makes a perfume last.

? To allow a fragrance to develop properly, always spritz it on at least half an hour before you want people to feel its impact.

? Diet, hormones, your genes, skin type, medication and even the weather can all affect how a perfume reacts on your skin. You should never buy a fragrance because you liked it on someone else.

? When you are choosing a new perfume, never smell more than three at once: your nose will become confused. If you are spritzing fragrance on your skin, hold the tester bottle 25cm away. This allows the scent to “open up” more quickly before it makes contact.

? During summer or when on holiday in a sunny spot, always wear a lighter fragrance. Many companies release lighter versions or limited editions for summer.

? If you want a fragrance to last longer, invest in an eau de parfum. More concentrated than an eau de toilette, it should last four to five hours.

? There’s no need to spray a fragrance from 25cm away at home. You own the perfume now and don’t want to waste any – 5cm away is fine. For night-time use, spritz on the inside of wrists, behind earlobes, the back of the knees and the cleavage. During the day, two of these “hot spots” are sufficient to wrap you in an aura of scent.

? If you’re worried a concentrated fragrance might overwhelm anyone who wanders into your path, spray the perfume into the air and walk quickly into the deliciously scented “cloud”.

Building a Fragrance Wardrobe

You wouldn’t wear the same clothes day in, day out, so why wear the same fragrance for a tennis match and a black-tie dinner? Most perfume experts recommend that you have four to five fragrances to suit every occasion – from work to yoga to picnic in the park.

Find the original article at Reader’s Digest


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