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I came across a very interesting article on perfumes on Reader’s Digest recently that I simply couldn’t help putting it up here for my readers’ benefit. Please read on to find out more about perfumes, why most people are obsessed with them and how different kinds of perfumes appeal to different age groups and categories of people. Here is the article for you to get interesting facts about perfumes from:

Gianni Versace nailed the importance and allure of fragrance. “Perfume puts the finishing touch to elegance – a detail that subtly underscores the look, an invisible extra that completes a woman’s personality. Without it there is something missing.” -There is indeed. Read the rest of this entry

The atmosphere is slowly changing from a normal to a celebration mood as Christmas is almost here!! Have you started decorating your house and shopping for presents?

This month is a great one with everyone beginning to enjoy the activities that they have so meticulously planned over the past few months. Here is a video to cheer up your already excited disposition. Read the rest of this entry

treeHave you ever wondered how to create a funky, themed Christmas tree for your home?? Themed trees are becoming more popular as people seek alternatives to the “traditional” Christmas tree. ?

Millions of people display Christmas trees in their homes each year, and many such decorations have the same features every year with cylindrical glass ornaments, conventional lamps and an angel or star at the summit.?
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imagesIf you are a regular online browser or a website/blog owner having to create a lot of content, you’ll agree with me when I say that it is quite difficult to find appropriate images for whatever content we are creating.

Finding images online is not the difficult part; but finding those that we can use without having to go through the ordeal of understanding the legalities related to their use is the most difficult part.?

But how would you feel if you chanced upon a website that offered you photos – not just any photo – but awesome, high-res photos for free and those that you could publish right away without the hassles of looking for the license clause? Read the rest of this entry

readingReading – the very word helps me relax every time I think about it. The lovely feeling I get of holding a book in one hand and a coffee mug in the other cannot be explained in words. You should experience it to believe it.

There can be nothing as relaxing as reading a book especially when I am feeling low and totally drained of energy. Reading a good book can energize you to no end. I have experienced this many times in the past.

Of late, my reading time has been drastically reduced due to my work online – I have a part-time work-from-home job online – but I do ensure that I get to read a book at least once in 2 weeks. Read the rest of this entry

Fotor0100219164In our fast-paced mechanical life, do we ever stop to think about our everyday actions? Sadly, no.

We are so hard up for time that we do whatever we have to in a routine way and want to call it a day. But can we ever say with contentment that we spent the day in a manner that we wanted to?

We need to make a few actions possible everyday. This was one of the lessons I learned in my yoga course. The instructor used to tell us to do one good deed everyday while planning to do it consciously. Read the rest of this entry

Christmas tree

Christmas is indeed the much-awaited celebration every year. Kids or adults, we all look forward with excitement and joy for that time of the year when we enjoy the home decorations, gift-giving, and time together with family and friends.

Even though it is going to be merry-making all the way, planning a party and buying gifts for your loved ones for Christmas can be overwhelming. There is so much to do, yet not enough time to do all of them. With Christmas less than twelve weeks away, we need to start planning for the celebration right now, else things can get messy.

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treeThe German immigrants who had settled in Pennsylvania in the beginning of the nineteenth century were the first to introduce the tradition of Christmas trees in the USA.

Using a Christmas tree as an important part of the Christmas celebrations was a practice that began in Germany even as early as 700 A.D. and it continued well into the nineteenth century. Read the rest of this entry

InternetInternet is the place to be these days as people are vying with each other in establishing their online presence either as individuals or as organizations.

The World Wide Web (WWW) has become the universal spot where people with or without knowledge of computers come together trying to find ways to make money online or show their talents or to share their expertise in different fields with a virtual audience. Read the rest of this entry

deep breathingWe may have been born into loving families and we may be very well-educated but it is sad that very few human beings realize the fact that life is very short indeed and while we are in this world, we must make the most of it. We have been created for a definite purpose in this world.

Each one is born with different ethnicities and in different economic conditions. Despite the differences in colour, race and country, people live in harmony in most parts of the world. Unfortunately this has not been possible in certain disputed regions.

However, it is up to you to stay happy or otherwise in life. You don’t need anything in particular like money or material to be happy. Happiness is very much within each and every one of us. It is entirely dependent on our perception and approach to the different situations that confront us in the various phases of our life. Read the rest of this entry

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