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The pull and chop food chopper has really surprised the kitchen users by working more efficiently than expected and gaining popularity through its sheer power. There are so many varieties of this vegetable chopper available now that you find it difficult to make the right choice. I have written this review as I experienced first hand, the power of this cute little chopper that has made my work in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable. Read the rest of this entry

cool wallets for womenYou want to give your lady love one of those cool wallets for women you’ve seen at the stores this Valentine’s Day but can’t decide which one to go with. Hmm… that could be a problem, considering she’s so special.

But with Valentine’s Day coming up, the shops are filled with unique gifts that speak the language of love just the way you do. So, go round the shops and take a look. And don’t forget to drop by at what women regard as elegant and fashionable. Wallets.

For women, a wallet is a fashion accessory, so it has to be well-made, soft to touch but with the capacity of holding all her essential things and overall, an attention-stopper. Read the rest of this entry

peacock christmas tree ornamentsPeacock Christmas tree ornaments on your Christmas tree are the most attractive and can create a perfect visual treat to the visitors’ eyes.

With a medley of pleasing colors on its wings, the peacock ornament is the coolest thing you could use as a decorative item this festive season.

The only requirement for having a peacock Christmas theme is to make the colors in your room like that of the walls, windows and doors etc. blend well with the cool colors of the peacock. Read the rest of this entry

burgundy and gold christmas ornaments

Burgundy and gold Christmas ornaments, in my opinion, are the best-looking Christmas decorations as they are so attractive that they catch your attention on a first glance of the festive decor.

Surely you want to dress up your Christmas tree with a large assortment of decorations that are both traditional to the festive spirit and unique in its look.

Well, with the shops brimming with beautiful and never-before kind of decorations, you can easily achieve your goal.

You can choose to dress up your Christmas tree in conventional colors like burgundy and gold, or you can choose to go with silver and black.

You might like to decorate your tree in the Nutcracker style in burgundy, navy blue and red. Adorn your tree with gold and silver ornaments like tassels. Read the rest of this entry

extra large christmas stockingsExtra large Christmas stockings seem to be the talk of the town now with the newest designs and patterns scattered all over the market.

I have at least a dozen of the Christmas stockings that I have been purchasing over the years as I feel the need to keep up with the current trends in Christmas shopping.

More importantly, I feel that by buying the latest and modern decorations for Christmas, I am able to make my family happy especially my children who feel very proud of the way our home is decorated for the season. Read the rest of this entry

abominable snowman Christmas decorationThere’s a lilt in the air of people shopping for everything Christmassy, right up to the best and most outstanding tree decorations like the abominable snowman Christmas decoration.

You needn’t trudge down to the stores and look for this cute little Christmas decoration–you can find them at online stores too.

A visit to a few online stores will throw up a huge variety of the abominable snowman Christmas decoration in various forms. Read the rest of this entry

peacock christmas tree topperIn the blink of an eye, Christmas will be here. Now, that’s something that always bothers me as I want everything for Christmas to be absolutely perfect.

The tree, trimmings, lights, the crib, the cake, wine… you name it.

But let’s first talk a bit about the Christmas tree and the unusual peacock Christmas tree topper I found in a store recently. Read the rest of this entry

lime green christmas treeI have a lime green Christmas tree that I would be using to decorate my home for the upcoming Christmas season this year.

I purchased it 2 years ago for Christmas as the one I already had, though in good shape, had outlived its time, so in keeping up with the trend then, I decided to look for a newer version, modern, yet traditional in its own way.

When I finally decided to go in for a brand new Christmas tree after having had a white Christmas tree (which still looks great and is my favorite – I don’t have the heart to dispose it) for more than five years, I was quite baffled by the wide choice of trees available online but one look at the lime green tree and I fell in love with it. Read the rest of this entry

nativity sets for childrenWhen they say too many toys spoil a child, I am sure they don’t mean toys such as nativity sets for children.

The heartening scene of Christ’s birth captured in tiny adorable figurines – children’s nativity sets are a great gift for any child.

Read the rest of this entry

snowman toilet seat coverA snowman toilet seat cover – What a quick and easy way to give your bathroom a colorful Christmas makeover!

When your entire home is buzzing with the spirit of Christmas, why not give your bathroom some special festive treatment as well. After all it’s one of the most frequented spaces in any home.

The lively colors of a snowman commode set instantly brighten up a bath with minimum effort.

Also, most seat covers come in a set of three – a commode top, a contour rug for the floor and a lid cover to match. Read the rest of this entry

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