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The pull and chop food chopper has really surprised the kitchen users by working more efficiently than expected and gaining popularity through its sheer power. There are so many varieties of this vegetable chopper available now that you find it difficult to make the right choice. I have written this review as I experienced first hand, the power of this cute little chopper that has made my work in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable. Read the rest of this entry

cool wallets for womenYou want to give your lady love one of those cool wallets for women you’ve seen at the stores this Valentine’s Day but can’t decide which one to go with. Hmm… that could be a problem, considering she’s so special.

But with Valentine’s Day coming up, the shops are filled with unique gifts that speak the language of love just the way you do. So, go round the shops and take a look. And don’t forget to drop by at what women regard as elegant and fashionable. Wallets.

For women, a wallet is a fashion accessory, so it has to be well-made, soft to touch but with the capacity of holding all her essential things and overall, an attention-stopper. Read the rest of this entry

batman toys for kidsIf you’re wondering what to gift your kid this birthday, look no further than Batman toys for kids. They are the rage at present and if your little fellow wants what all his friends have, it’s got to be one of this fascinating range of Batman toys and costumes.

He’s going to love it if he’s already into Batman and has played with a toy or two in this array. Perhaps, he’s seen a Batman movie too and fantasizes being like him, so why not go in for one of the following suggestions in this spectacular range and thrill him. Read the rest of this entry

ceramic neti potIf your efforts to get rid of severe pain due to sinusitis fail, rest assured that you will find a natural cure for your problem when you invest in a Ceramic Neti Pot.

And if you don’t know what that is, let me tell you that I did just that – bought a Neti Pot and saw the end of my aching sinuses.

A Neti Pot is an absolute must as it opens your sinuses and allows any excess mucus, dirt, dust and pollen to exit your nostrils and leave them open and breathable.

This puts less pressure on your nasal passages and you will soon be pain-free, just as I am. Read the rest of this entry

non stick egg poacherNon-stick egg poachers are getting popular these days, the main reason being that people like using them to get a quick and non-messy breakfast ready while they rush to work or have kids to be sent to school.

While many people out there insist that eggs prepared in any form are bad for raising cholesterol, there are still many others who tout their benefits. Take for example, poached eggs.

They are easy to cook, have several nutritional benefits and can even help you lose weight. So, it’s not surprising that there’s a growing demand for egg poachers in the market, and of them, non-stick egg poachers. Read the rest of this entry

Wonder product from Cuisinart

best cordless electric kettleThe Cuisinart Perfectemp cordless electric kettle is a wonder product from Cuisinart and helps you make several beverages like coffee, tea, hot chocolate, instant oatmeal. With stainless steel insides, you won’t have any complaints about a strange taste in the water as happens with plastic interiors.

Of course, we know that glass is more susceptible to scale buildup. So, I always prefer stainless steel to any other when it comes to my electric kettle. Read the rest of this entry

breakfast sandwich makerNow, you need not leave home without breakfast just because you don’t have the time for it.

The new and intelligent breakfast sandwich maker will work fast and capably to serve up a really good breakfast for you, as if it understands your need for speed and efficiency.

That’s what I found after I bought a great sandwich maker recently.

To think that you can have a breakfast of English muffins, eggs or any other breakfast combo within minutes and without too much effort on your part is a great blessing indeed. Read the rest of this entry

most popular perfumes for womenThe market for perfumes is highly competitive with new perfumes being introduced each year.

So, if you want to gift your lady love a special perfume this Valentine’s Day, you’re going to be overwhelmed by the mind-boggling range you see.

So, finding the most popular perfumes for women may be just a little difficult for you but casual browsing at stores and online should educate you on this. Read the rest of this entry

table top football gameEnjoy yearlong football season in your own home

You don’t have to wait for football season to enjoy this fascinating game, nor do you need to go to a stadium or catch a match on TV.

Now, thanks to the innovative table top football game invented by Harold Thorton, you can now play this exciting game in the privacy of your home and enjoy it too!!
Read the rest of this entry

soup and cracker mugSoup and cracker mug is the new stuff in town at least for me as I have not had one so far though I have heard about it.

I have always been intrigued by the way it is designed to serve a dual purpose. How thoughtful of the maker!

Winter isn’t just the season for hot chocolate and coffee but hot soups too. If you’re the soup kind, why not stay warm with a mug of soup, accompanied by a plate of crackers?

But when you know that you can have both in a single dish instead of carrying 2 separate bowls around, it is very comforting and reduces a lot of work for you, doesn’t it? Read the rest of this entry