ceramic neti potIf your efforts to get rid of severe pain due to sinusitis fail, rest assured that you will find a natural cure for your problem when you invest in a Ceramic Neti Pot.

And if you don’t know what that is, let me tell you that I did just that – bought a Neti Pot and saw the end of my aching sinuses.

A Neti Pot is an absolute must as it opens your sinuses and allows any excess mucus, dirt, dust and pollen to exit your nostrils and leave them open and breathable.

This puts less pressure on your nasal passages and you will soon be pain-free, just as I am.

A Ceramic Neti Pot is like a small kettle or a watering can with a long spout which you need to fill with warm saline solution as directed; keep the spout end into one nostril and let the solution flow out through the other nostril. The ceramic neti pot is made of ceramic without the lead and is glazed.

To use it, tilt your head to one side. Fill the neti pot with lukewarm water, add some salt exactly as per the directions on the pack and insert the Neti Pot in the upper nostril so that the saline solution flows out through the lower nostril. Now, change sides so that both nostrils receive this treatment.

ceramic neti potHimalayan Institute Ceramic Neti Pot

I have been using the Ceramic Neti Pot for over six months now and am very happy with it. These days you have even plastic neti pots but we know that the ceramic ones are bound to last longer due to their strength. It is also possible that when you use plastic, certain chemicals are released into the solution that you are using in your nasal passages.

I would strongly recommend the ceramic neti pot to anyone like me suffering from aching sinuses where your head, face, teeth, neck and shoulders ache a lot. From my experience, I find that a neti pot is very good because it clears the mucus with a few regular uses and what more can you ask for?

ceramic nasal cleansing neti potAncient Secrets Ceramic Nasal Cleansing Neti Pot

Whether you agree with me or not, almost all of us are looking for natural solutions to our health problems and who will not like the ceramic neti pot when you can avoid all the steroids and medications that are prescribed to clear your sinuses?

The appearance of the neti pot is also good. It is a small device and its spout is designed in such a way as to fit into your nostrils very well.

Of course, you might not feel very comfortable using the ceramic neti pot the first few times but you will soon realize that it is just the feeling you experience when you swim in the ocean and just like you get over it after a few times being under the water, this feeling of uneasiness will also pass quickly and you will actually start feeling good.

ceramic neti pot with comfort spoutCeramic Neti Pot with Comfort Spout

The neti pot lets the water flow through the nostrils very capably and is comfortable to hold even when full. It also gets rid of all allergens and pollen in the nasal passages and maintains the desired moisture there.

For the resultant peace of mind and return to good health that a ceramic neti pot provides, I would strongly recommend this product to any sinusitis sufferer.

This can also be used by people who want to prevent cold or allergies that generally affects them with the onset of winter/rainy season. So, this device may be used regularly as its use will keep away any allergy due to cold or nasal congestion.

neti pot original cleansing systemOriginal Neti Pot Complete Sinus Cleansing System

You could think of giving it as a gift for your closest ones in your friends or family circle. It would be a very useful gift I am sure as I feel that every home should have this.

ceramic neti pot with aromatic saltCeramic Neti Pot with Aromatic Salt

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How to use a neti pot

Soothing and comfortable, the Neti Pot is easy to use. Follow the directions below for an effective sinus rinse.

1. Prepare the saline solution by mixing 1/4 teaspoon of Neti Pot salt with 8 ounces of warm water. ? ?Add one dropful of Neti Wash Plus.

2. Tilt your head to one side over the sink.

3. Gently insert the spout in the upper nostril. Raise the Neti Pot so the saline solution flows out the ? ?lower nostril.

4. Repeat on the other side. Illustrated instructions include link to free online demonstration video.

The? following is the original video published by the Himalayan Institute to demonstrate how to use the ceramic neti pot.?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Here ia an update from the manufacturers as there have been some additions to the neti pot kit like the aromatic zinc-free Neti Wash Plus, a mixture of herbal extracts and essential oils that helps in maximizing the effect of the sinus rinse.

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