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best cordless electric kettleThe Cuisinart Perfectemp cordless electric kettle is a wonder product from Cuisinart and helps you make several beverages like coffee, tea, hot chocolate, instant oatmeal. With stainless steel insides, you won’t have any complaints about a strange taste in the water as happens with plastic interiors.

Of course, we know that glass is more susceptible to scale buildup. So, I always prefer stainless steel to any other when it comes to my electric kettle.

Want a steaming hot cup of French press coffee??

To make a good cup of French press coffee, what is important, besides the beans, is the temperature of the water. The Cuisinart kettle gives you water heated to the right temperature so as to give you an excellent cup of your favorite French press coffee.

Features and Benefits of the Cuisinart Perfectemp cordless electric kettle

  • Stainless steel inside except for a couple of plastic parts like the removable scale filter and the water level window, so you don’t have to worry too much about the BPA content in the water that you use
  • Good, responsive controls
  • Accurate temperatures
  • 6 pre-set, variable temperatures to brew different types of tea and French press coffee. You’ll love it that whatever tea you are preparing tastes great because it is brewed at the perfect temperature and you can see a remarkable difference in the taste of your tea if you were earlier preparing it on a stove top?
  • 30-minute ‘keep warm’ function
  • Pleasing aesthetics with a stylish design yet highly functional
  • Solidly built but light-weight, so easy to lift and pour even when the kettle is full; buttons are easy to operate
  • Water gets heated very quickly
  • Loud and clear beep indicating the completion of the heating process
  • Maintains the heat for a solid half hour
  • A thin base that makes the entire unit look like one single piece
  • The water level indicator is well-lit with a little blue LED light that glows brightly to help you read the water level even in a dimly lit room
  • Auto shut off after a specific period; manual shutting down is also possible with the pressing of the?‘start’?button again after use
  • Durable
  • Less noisy
  • You can turn it a full 360 degrees while resting it on its base
  • Feels like a traditional stovetop kettle owing to the cordless design and swivel base
  • Perfectly shaped spout that helps in pouring out the liquid without a spill; you could even fill the kettle with water through the large spout without having to open the lid

Cuisinart perfectemp cordless electric kettle

If I have to mention a few cons, I need to say that the water fill indicator is placed in a somewhat awkward position behind the handle making it difficult to read the water level.?

The sides get heated up, so you need to be careful not to make contact with the kettle when in use. The handle does not get heated though.?

The small opening at the top might make it a bit difficult to clean the kettle unless your hands are small enough to fit in there to keep it dry between uses.

Maybe it’s also a little pricey but again, it is justified by its smooth functionality. Did you know that the Cuisinart Perfectemp cordless electric kettle is now available at an incredibly low price here??

Scales develop quite fast just after a few uses. But descaling can be done quite easily. IMHO, scaling depends largely on the quality of water. With hard water, scaling happens more quickly than when you use distilled water. Leaving the water in the kettle for a long time will also cause scaling, so empty the kettle as soon as you have used it.

But when everything else about the Cuisinart Perfectemp cordless electric kettle is just perfect, I want to overlook these drawbacks if I may call them so.

Cleaning tip: Mix white vinegar with water and allow the kettle to boil for about ten to fifteen minutes, then rinse out a few times. This is done to decalcify and remove the scale deposits. So cleaning of the kettle is no big deal.

While doing this, take care to fill the kettle up to only three-fourths of the maximum indicated water level because I have found the mixture boiling vigorously, so if you are not careful, the mixture will froth over and make the place messy and may even scald you.?

Tip to keep the labels on the buttons from fading

The other day a friend complained that the labels on her Cuisinart kettle’s buttons were fading away with continuous use by all her family members. It so happened that by about the same time I read about the uses of clear nail lacquer in Readers’ Digest, one of them being a coat of the same applied to labels on devices that would prevent the letters from fading.

I am sure by now, you would have reached a conclusion about your decision to buy the Cuisinart Perfectemp cordless electric kettle having read this review. Whatever your decision, remember that this powerful kitchen gadget will be of great help to you in the long run, especially if you are a tea/coffee freak. Be warned that with the kind of tea/coffee that you offer your guests, they may even overstay beyond their original schedule!! This ‘cool’ gadget may also make a perfect gift to your friends and relatives on any occasion.


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