most popular perfumes for womenThe market for perfumes is highly competitive with new perfumes being introduced each year.

So, if you want to gift your lady love a special perfume this Valentine’s Day, you’re going to be overwhelmed by the mind-boggling range you see.

So, finding the most popular perfumes for women may be just a little difficult for you but casual browsing at stores and online should educate you on this.

Perfumes vary in their scents and often they do not smell the same on every woman. It’s not surprising to come across women with an obsession for perfumes, so if your girlfriend or wife just adores fruity or woody scented perfumes, go ahead and gift her one of those.

Women wear perfume for various reasons. Perhaps, she wants to fit into her friends’ set where everyone wears a signature perfume, such as Fancy by Jessica Simpson, Obsession by Calvin Klein, Elizabeth Arden, Jimmy Choo, Versace or Usher.

She may also be closely following her favorite pop singer who’s lent her name to a perfume brand like Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, Hilary Duff or Jessica Simpson–some of the most popular perfumes for women.

Alternatively, she may not care too much about famous personalities lending their names to perfume brands but wants to wear a perfume that reflects her personality.

So, if she’s happy, you’ll find her smelling of lily of the valley or any other spring flowers. A mature woman, on the other hand, may go in for a powdery-smelling perfume.

Lastly, when she wears a particular fragrance in your company, it’s her way of telling you to associate all beautiful times you spend together by it. So, if you should ever smell jasmine or freesia, think of the girl in your life.

This Valentine’s Day, make her happy by gifting her one or more of the most popular perfumes for women, such as: Paris Hilton, Shi by Alfred Sung, Boyfriend, Juicy Couture, Jessica Parker,?Bvlgari, Romance by Ralph Lauren or Guilty by Gucci.

I can go on and on with the names of the popular perfumes for women but this is not the time for it. You better hurry and get your loved one a sweet gift that she would cherish forever.

Most popular perfumes for women

most popular perfumes for women


Being a blend of clementine flower, nectarine, cassis, orange blossom, wild orchid and soft musk, Can Can by Paris Hilton is a light and sweet fragrance and beats all of Hilton’s other popular perfumes though the entire fragrance line is awesome. I found this perfume sweet-smelling though not too much of it and it lasted longer than most other perfumes I have used before.


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If you insist on gifting your love only Paris Hilton because she loves the brand but would like to give more than one perfume, you can choose this very interesting mini pack of perfumes for her. I am sure she will be thrilled with this pack.

?Popular women’s perfumes

popular women's perfumes



For its price, this Zino Davidoff product is simply great. It smells light and mildly sweet and in my opinion, sexy. You can easily carry it around if you want to freshen up when you are away from home without the smell choking the others around you. It is a wonderful gift especially if your girlfriend or wife loves this perfume.?


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??Captivating perfumes for women

captivating perfumes for women



I have personally not used this one though it is a very popular perfume (I am a crazy fan of Paris Hilton and never got around to changing it though I have tried a few other famous brands) but my best friend vouches for SJP and calls it ? ?a “sweet scent that lasts forever”. She has been tempting me of late and I would like to try out this one soon. I think it ? ?would be a very good buy especially if you are buying it for your lady love for this Valentine’s Day.

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Top perfumes for women?

top perfumes for women


A fascinating fragrance for women of all ages but more suited to the younger generation IMHO. Why not for all the women who are young at heart (who isn’t anyway?). But the question here is whether it is a good buy to gift your beloved girlfriend/wife or partner. This is one of the perfumes that I have tried and fallen in love with once. I am sure every woman, like me, will fall for both the appearance and the sweet fragrance of Viva la Juicy.?

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Best perfumes for women

best perfumes for women



First off, the beautiful packaging catches your attention and once you open the pack, the fragrance overpowers you. Overpowering not by being too smelly but you fall for the feminine charm that the fragrance exudes. Such a cute bottle with a charming, girly fragrance that I am sure this will make a wonderful gift for the girl in your life.?


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