non stick egg poacherNon-stick egg poachers are getting popular these days, the main reason being that people like using them to get a quick and non-messy breakfast ready while they rush to work or have kids to be sent to school.

While many people out there insist that eggs prepared in any form are bad for raising cholesterol, there are still many others who tout their benefits. Take for example, poached eggs.

They are easy to cook, have several nutritional benefits and can even help you lose weight. So, it’s not surprising that there’s a growing demand for egg poachers in the market, and of them, non-stick egg poachers.

I too like my eggs poached, so I went looking for non-stick egg poachers and was pleasantly surprised to find a large variety of them, each one jostling for my attention.

The reason to buy an egg poacher may be obvious but cooking an egg in this style is both different from any other egg preparation and light and healthy too.

Non-stick egg poachers work in this way: You boil a pan of water and while it simmers, you crack an egg into a bowl that’s placed in this pan of water. The egg is allowed to cook until the white is almost set and then removed. Though it may look runny, the yolk is set. The best way to eat it is to place it on a slice of toast and top it with a slice of ham. Enjoy!

While cooking a poached egg is definitely easier with a non-stick poacher, it is also healthy, thanks to its Teflon coating. The reasons I bought it are many: For one, its hard and anodized aluminum framework produces even heating. It is also durable and grows to be the ideal kitchen mate for anyone wanting poached eggs often. And when I was ready to clean up my egg poacher, I was more than happy to see just how easy it is to do.

I believe the strong points of non-stick egg poachers are their tough, stainless steel frames that enable them to last long, their handles that remain cool even while the body is hot and their easy maintenance. For these reasons, I would recommend this product to anyone setting up a kitchen for the first time or one who is making improvements in their kitchen and, of course, to all egg lovers.

In my opinion these are the top 5 non stick egg poacher varieties available online that are sturdy, useful and above all affordable.

Non stick egg poachers

Non stick egg poachers

I must admit that this stainless steel non-stick egg poacher is a little pricey but if you appreciate the good things in life, this is for you. It does give you the value for your money by cooking your eggs perfectly, what more can you ask for? Clean-up is a breeze; eggs don’t stick to the cups if you use cooking spray before use.

Definitely a great deal better than the plastic cups that I remember using before. Those who have used plastic cups will certainly give this a perfect ten. Includes 5 removable egg poacher cups, a pan that you can use for other purposes too and a glass lid. The product will last longer if you wash it by hand.


Egg poachers with non stick coating? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??

Made from durable stainless steel, this non-stick egg poacher is durable?egg poacher with nonstick coating
and strong. Comes with a clear glass top with vent for the steam to escape.?Eggs get cooked well if you follow the instructions on the packing. This is an?appliance that delivers what it promises.?
Great value for the money invested. After experiencing a lot of?frustration with sticky eggs, it would be a pleasure to see the?eggs slide out of the non-stick cups.


Non Stick 4-cup Egg Poacher

nonstick 4-cup egg poacher

Made from high quality, hard anodized aluminum with a non-stick interior and a silicone handle that does not get hot so you can handle it easily, this egg poacher seems to be getting rave reviews from real users. I have not used this non-stick egg poacher but a friend of mine who uses this is all praise for it because it gives her the best poached eggs in 5 minutes even before the bread slices are toasted.

The timing of course depends on your electric/gas stove as each one’s stove is different, so once you figure out the timing after a few experiments, this is going to be your perfect egg poacher that would make your breakfast time enjoyable and satisfying. Greasing the cups with a little oil or butter, according to my friend, helps in getting the eggs out easily. Clean up is a breeze, she says.



4-cup Non Stick Egg Poacher

A very useful appliance not only for poaching eggs but also for a ? ? ? ? ??4 cup non stick egg poacher
multitude of other cooking tasks, the specialty of this appliance lies in the?Silvinox surface. This unique feature prevents the stainless steel from?losing its color and becoming dull either due to constant handling?or by use of harsh detergents.?
Works great on all kinds of stove tops?including induction?stove.?When you get quality for the price you have paid, there is nothing more to it. Using this non-stick egg poacher is fun as the end result is?smiling faces all around you!! You get the satisfaction of having?accomplished something worthwhile when you see your family happy.


The one thing common among all the above egg poachers apart from them being non-stick is that you can use the skillet for various purposes other than for poaching eggs. I sincerely hope that this review is helpful to you.?

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