IAwesome starfish Christmas tree topper love the Starfish Christmas tree topper not just because it gives a great finishing touch to the Christmas tree but because of the fact that it would make an ideal gift for my friends who are starfish fans.

I haven’t owned a starfish tree topper so far as I have always followed the family tradition, so didn’t think of this idea before.

I will give it a serious thought probably when we decide to have different themes for Christmas every year.

I have always admired the look of the starfish tree topper at friends’ houses I have visited over the years though. Read the rest of this entry

12 days of Christmas bracelet 12 days of Christmas bracelet is something I long to buy at this time of the year every year. It makes a beautiful gift that makes the recipient happy that gives me a lot of happiness.

I can treat myself to one too. After all we can make ourselves happy once in a while can’t we?

Aren’t we all looking forward to the wonderful Christmas season to begin? It’s all going to be merriment and laughter both inside and outside the home.

Some of us are busy shopping, others planning on the Christmas decorations, yet others deciding on the guest list and the delicacies to be prepared.

Oh, lots of work to be done, yet it is with a cheerful mood that we await the festivities!!
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5 cute cat Christmas tree ornaments

Cat Christmas tree ornaments would be a lovely addition to your already huge Christmas ornaments collection this festive season.

Especially for all of you cat lovers out there (including me), it is a beautiful set of ornaments, as cute and cuddly as the cats are.

Have you started with the holiday preparations as yet? Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it won’t be long before we are greeting our loved ones for Christmas.

So it’s high time we started getting ready to decorate our homes for the great Day and for the New Year.

Cat enthusiasts will love the idea of hanging a few (or lots of) cat ornaments to add beauty and elegance to their Christmas tree. Read the rest of this entry

treeHave you ever wondered how to create a funky, themed Christmas tree for your home?? Themed trees are becoming more popular as people seek alternatives to the “traditional” Christmas tree. ?

Millions of people display Christmas trees in their homes each year, and many such decorations have the same features every year with cylindrical glass ornaments, conventional lamps and an angel or star at the summit.?
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light up Christmas necklaceLight up Christmas necklace forms an integral part of Christmas celebrations in every home. It is a well-known fact that colorful lights add to the value of any occasion or event that we celebrate.

Whether your home is a huge palatial mansion or a tiny apartment, lights can change the entire ambience of the place and make it look different.

It is not surprising then that Christmas lights are becoming more and more popular and have become an essential part of the festive season decorations. Read the rest of this entry

imagesIf you are a regular online browser or a website/blog owner having to create a lot of content, you’ll agree with me when I say that it is quite difficult to find appropriate images for whatever content we are creating.

Finding images online is not the difficult part; but finding those that we can use without having to go through the ordeal of understanding the legalities related to their use is the most difficult part.?

But how would you feel if you chanced upon a website that offered you photos – not just any photo – but awesome, high-res photos for free and those that you could publish right away without the hassles of looking for the license clause? Read the rest of this entry

snow globe picture frameSnow globe picture frame is my most favorite Christmas gift item because it can be used for many purposes. Christmas is here, fast approaching and I’m sure we are all excited as well as anxious to make this year’s celebration a grand affair and better than everybody else’s.?

After all, aren’t we vying with friends trying to make our home décor and everything else about Christmas exclusive and unique? It does give us great pleasure in hearing friends and family say how special our home is in terms of decorations, food, gifts etc.

A picture is worth a thousand words as we all know. Could there be a better gift than a snow globe picture frame that can bring back great memories? This product is an evergreen gift item as it can be given as a gift for any kind of occasion. Read the rest of this entry

readingReading – the very word helps me relax every time I think about it. The lovely feeling I get of holding a book in one hand and a coffee mug in the other cannot be explained in words. You should experience it to believe it.

There can be nothing as relaxing as reading a book especially when I am feeling low and totally drained of energy. Reading a good book can energize you to no end. I have experienced this many times in the past.

Of late, my reading time has been drastically reduced due to my work online – I have a part-time work-from-home job online – but I do ensure that I get to read a book at least once in 2 weeks. Read the rest of this entry

hello kitty dancing Christmas lightsHello Kitty Christmas lights are a joy to keep as their very presence in your yard can make eyes roll in excitement. They are also available as tiny Hello Kitty faces stringed together for use in any indoor space.

I was visiting a friend a few years ago when I saw this cute, adorable lighted Hello Kitty figure in her yard that I became a serious fan and vowed to start collecting these for my own Christmas decorations.

I could not have purchased all of them at once with a long list of other things to buy, so I started buying them one at a time to avoid exceeding my Christmas budget.

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Fotor0100219164In our fast-paced mechanical life, do we ever stop to think about our everyday actions? Sadly, no.

We are so hard up for time that we do whatever we have to in a routine way and want to call it a day. But can we ever say with contentment that we spent the day in a manner that we wanted to?

We need to make a few actions possible everyday. This was one of the lessons I learned in my yoga course. The instructor used to tell us to do one good deed everyday while planning to do it consciously. Read the rest of this entry

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