table top football gameEnjoy yearlong football season in your own home

You don’t have to wait for football season to enjoy this fascinating game, nor do you need to go to a stadium or catch a match on TV.

Now, thanks to the innovative table top football game invented by Harold Thorton, you can now play this exciting game in the privacy of your home and enjoy it too!!

It’s not a game for adults alone but kids too can play this game, so don’t be surprised if your kids are gifted this game over Christmas. This game is a perfect gift, not only for Christmas, but for any other occasion too.

It certainly takes away the lonely hours for elderly but active men and women and housebound kids.

As with all games, table top football game too must be played to certain set rules or you won’t get the full enjoyment of this game. So, go on and learn to play it.

Table top football game

table top football game


NFL officially licensed 3D football game that can be played by 2 to 6 players appropriate for age 7 and above. Choose your favorite NFL team and fight it out against all your rivals in this table top football game that calls for bold strategies and decision to win the game. Full of fun and enjoyment for the whole family.?

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Advantages of playing table top football game

  • If you have little kids, it’s a great way of teaching them this game before they volunteer to play it on the field.
  • It’s a wonderful way for a family to bond together–what could be better than bonding over a favorite game?
  • The set is very sturdy, so one’s interest in the game does not flag. Ask me, my kid and I played this game for three hours non-stop while it poured cats and dogs outside!!
  • Table top football game is a nice game to take when you’re holidaying with your family. Everyone loves it.
  • When you visit restaurants, pubs or bars, you could be pleasantly surprised to see this game being played with great enjoyment.

Football game on your table?

football game on table


Compact tabletop-designed board is sturdy and durable providing all the excitement you need to play this challenging game. Comes with high quality?and strong chrome-plated steel rods and solid plastic players to improve accuracy while playing. Includes 2 top quality foosballs. Great for all ages.

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I would strongly recommend playing the table top football game to parents of little kids who need to keep their minds occupied with refreshingly new games every now and then.

Table top soccer game

table top soccer game


This is a smaller version of the regular table top soccer game boards measuring 20″ X 12″ X 4.25″ but provides the same amount of fun and frolic when you use it. Comes with 12 players, 2 foosballs, 2 scorers and guarantees hours of unlimited fun.

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Other than the above simulation games where you get the feel of playing in a real football field, there are also great board games that provide ?you continuous entertainment by keeping you glued to them.

Indoor football game

indoor football board game


This is an officially licensed game designed to provide a great family game and is based on NFL statistics. Pure fun for hours together. Enjoy the holidays and make your children and the other family members happy by buying them this game.

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The table top football game is also good to just chill with and spend some time to relax. Move out of your Scrabble zone, or cards or any other game you’ve been playing as a family, and check this one out. You won’t regret it.

The Newest Table Top Football Game For Two Players

You could buy this as a gift for some of your loved ones too.

Some more tabletop football games for you to enjoy

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